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Accompanying program

The organization has prepared a full MAP for all those who want live the ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA in a special way, either as accompanying person or for living a sport experience in the unique natural environment.

Look our interactive map where you will find all important points of the USN. (Refreshments, Start, Finish, Bus Stop, etc)


Accompanying persons can buy a bus ticket (round trip) from Granada to the ski resort of Pradollano to live the atmosphere and witness the Finish of Ultra Sierra Nevada and with a great offer of activities that the ski resort pradollano offers for the  attending public (lifts to watch the race as it passes through the Veleta, children's attractions, bars, restaurants, concerts, etc).


In addition, the companions who wish can eat with her companion runner in the dining room of the Ultra Sierra Nevada.




* Children under 14 years free.


The bus service schedules are as follows:


SHEDULE GRANADA -PRADOLLANO : 10:30 (Departure from Paseo del Salón, the START of the USN)


SCHEDULE PRADOLLANO - GRANADA: 14:00 - 16:30 - 19:00 -21: 30 - 23:00 


You can buy the ticket on the registration form.

The tickets will be collected at the Bib Collection presenting ID and runner´s Bib.


Following the race

You can follow the live rice via internet on so that the companions and the general public can view the progress of each participant and be informed of the classifications directly on your mobile device, computer or smartphone.



Transport Start/Finish

The Organization ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA  has planned a shuttle bus that will connect Granada and Pradollano with the Start Line of the diferents modalities of the Ultra Sierra Nevada.




 ULTRA: PRADOLLANO - GRANADA - 20:00  (Bus stop at Parking of Pradollano ) - Price 10€


 TRAIL: PRADOLLANO - CENES DE LA VEGA -4:30  (Bus stop at Parking of Pradollano ) - Price 10€


 TRAIL: GRANADA - CENES DE LA VEGA - 5:15  (Ferrocarril square, end of Paseo de la Bomba ) - Price 6€

 MARATÓN: PRADOLLANO - CENES DE LA VEGA - 6:30  (Bus stop at Parking of Pradollano ) - Price 10€

 MARATÓN: GRANADA - CENES DE LA VEGA - 7:15  (Ferrocarril square, end of Paseo de la Bomba ) - Price 6€



  MEDIA: PRADOLLANO - PINOS GENIL - 7:30  (Bus stop at Parking of Pradollano ) - Price 10€

  MEDIA: GRANADA - PINOS GENIL - 8:00  (Ferrocarril square, end of Paseo de la Bomba ) - Price 6€

 BUS STOP GRANADA : Location: Paseo del Salón,  Granada.














 BUS STOP PRADOLLANO : Location: Parking Pradollano, Sierra Nevada.

Also, the Organization of ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA has planned a shuttle bus that will connect Pradollano with Granada for the runners who finish the race and want to go back to Granada. *(The bus STOP at Beas de Granada and Quéntar).


PRADOLLANO - QUÉNTAR - BEAS DE GRANADA - GRANADA - 14:00 / 16:30 / 19:00 / 21:30 / 23:00H 
(Bus stop at Parking of Pradollano ) 


How to get

Granada is located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, at the foot of Sierra Nevada and a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.


It is accessible by road (car and bus), train, airplane (airports in Granada, Malaga, Seville and Madrid) and ferry (for the port of Motril).

Getting to Granada by plane


Airport Granada-Jaén GRX is 15 kilometers from the city.

The Málaga Airport is 136 kilometers from Granada.

Direct bus to Granada from Málaga Airport.

Airport Sevilla-San Pablo is located 250 kilometers from Granada.


Getting to Granada by car


Granada communicates with Madrid by the A-44 and A-4. With Sevilla and Málaga by the A-92. With Levante, also by the A-92, continuing along the A-7. Also with the Tropical coast by the A-44 to Motril.

  • Madrid-Granada. 420 kms, 4h 10 min.

  • Málaga-Granada. 125 kms, 1h 15 min.

  • Sevilla-Granada. 250 kms, 2h 45 min.

Getting to Granada by train


The train station in Granada is located in the city center. In Avenida Andaluces.

You can see all the train schedules to and from Granada on the website of Renfe.

  • Málaga-Granada. (* No direct service. We must change at Antequera) 2h 30min.

  • Sevilla-Granada. 4h

  • Madrid-Granada. 5h


Getting to Granada by bus


The bus station in Granada offers destinations to all parts of the peninsula and major European destinations.

You can view the schedule or buy Granada bus tickets by phone, directly into the bus station in Granada or, or by calling 902 422 242.



Getting to Granada by ferry


Just 70 kilometers from Granada, the port of Motril also serves as a point of arrival in the city



Discover Granada


Municipalities Ultra Sierra Nevada

The ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA has its start line in a spectacular surrounding: the Monumental Complex of the Alhambra and the Generalife. From there the route will lead the participants to the Dehesa del Generalife and after continue along the Darro River basin, reaching the town of Beas. From here the route takes Quentar direction to then go to the town of Güejar-Sierra.


The course of Genil River marks the beginning of the most demanding part of the race: the climb to Sierra Nevada. 40 kilometers in which we will have to overcome a height difference of over 2,500 meters to reach the top of the race on Pico Veleta to 3,100 meters. From there a vertiginous descent lead to the finish installed in the ski resort of Pradollano, at 2,100 m altitude.

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