This Regulation can be corrected, modified or improved at any time by the Organization, as well as any data, rule or apart for optimal race performance. To be registered shows the conformity of the participant with this Regulation.





This Regulation will be strictly complied for all participants of the event denominated GRANADA URBAN TRAIL.  Any incident not reflected in the regulation, will be resolved by the jury of the ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA, composed by the Sports Director of the race, a Member of the Organization, a Representative of the Runners and a Referee.





1.1. Granada Urban Trail is organized by TerraIncognita Sport S.L., with the collaboration of the Department of Sports Hon. Granada City Council.

1.2. The Granada Urban Trail will take place on Friday, July 13, 2018 at 22:00 starting and finishing from Plaza del Humilladero, on the Paseo del Salon.

1.3. The Granada Urban Trail has a street circuit of 6.000 meters that runs through emblematic places of Granada in the neighborhoods of Realejo, Centre, Albaicín and Alhambra.

1.4. The Granada Urban Trail is part of the Sierra Nevada Ultra sporting event and has a participatory, festive and tourist character. There will be no time control system ortiming. The participants will see the time to reach the Finsih by the timer located in the same. The first male and female runner to cross the finish line will be awarded.The goal judge will take note of the two dorsal corresponding.

1.5. Everyone can participate born in 2004 and earlier, which meet the conditions set out in the General Conditions of Participation.


2.1. The start will be at 22:00 h.
2.2. The finish line of runners is provided between 22:21 h. the first and 23:30 h. for the last runner.
2.3. Due to schedule the race, the organization recommends using front light.




3.1 At the end of the test, the Organization will award the 1st absolute Male 1st  absolute Female, without distinction of age or category.



4.1. The maximum number of bibs available are 1,000.

4.2. The registration fee is established in a single payment of 14€.

4.3. Registration includes the bib (right to participate), sports accident insurance, emergency medical care during the race, finish aid station, technical T-shirt and runner bag with gifts from sponsors.

4.4. There are 2 methods of entry:

        1. Via online web by card / debit card or bank transfer credit.

        2. In person at the Official Stores. 

4.6. Every participant, to formalize your registration, you agree:

4.6.1. The general conditions of participation in this race and agrees to abide by these rules and assume the risk inherent in the sport of Trail, without prejudice to the provisions of the legislation.

4.6.2. Runner is  aware that the proposed route presents a difficulty and added risk, typical of this type: areas of stairs, paving, roads and paths unpaved areas with poor lighting, uneven defendants, and also the schedule makes the race proceeds with little or no natural light.

4.6.2. The publication of personal data necessary for the development of the race, either in the listings, media and / or internet and its use for sending information on the event. Also it authorizes the collected images (picture or video) can be used in any publication or advertising action, with the sole purpose of promotion and dissemination of the event this year and in succeeding.

4.6.3. The veracity of the data provided in your registration, and consent that such data are incorporated into an automated file, which is responsible TerraIncognita Sport SL. The data subject shall have the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the terms under Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal data through the following address:

4.7. Pick up the bib number will be held the day of the race from ().

4.8. For the collection of the runner bag along with the dorsal must be produced documentary proof of identity or signed photocopy (DNI / passport / driving license) and proof of payment for each entry.



5.1. Shall be elected judges of the trial, those who apply these regulations and may disqualify runners.
5.2 The following assumptions result in disqualification of the runner by the judge:
- Breaching the provisions of the General Conditions of Participation.
- Do not do the full route.
- Samples unsportsmanlike behavior.
- Take the dorsal unreadable or misplaced (out of the front of the trunk).

-    Run irregularly, ie without being registered, with different dorsal assigned in the race, without having provided dorsal or erroneous data concerning DNI, identity or age. This runner will participate under their responsibility, without the right to any of the privileges that are officially registered runner.
- Do not be properly identified at the request of the Organization, once the race is completed or within the same specified.
- Do not reach the Finish line in the maximum stipulated time of 1 hour and 30 minutes or run to a less than 15 min / km pace.
- Run helped by some system or vehicle other than his own body.
- Run accompanied by a dog or other animal.
- Do not respect the basic rules of fair play.




6.1. The test will have the necessary medical services to attend the corridor during the development of it.
6.2. The Organization recommends all participants to take a medical examination.
6.3. Any athlete with specific health problems must first obtain written notice to the Organization, marking its dorsal with a red cross and note in the same your name, address, telephone and suffering health problems.
6.4. Medical and law enforcement services shall be authorized to withdraw runners with poor physical condition.




7.1. The Organization will have a wardrobe located in the Start/Fisnih area of the race where runners can leave a bag, delivered by the organization, with their belongings while participating in the Granada Urban Trail. Wardrobe will be open from 21:00 to 23:45.



8.1. The Organization declines all responsibility for the effects, consequences or responsibilities arising from damage, both material and personal, that could cause participants, during the race, yourself, other people and even in the case that third parties cause damage to the participant, volunteer or staff organization.




9.1. The only vehicles that can follow the test will be accredited by the Organization. follow the runners in any type of motor vehicle or on wheels (skates, bicycles, etc.), taking order expresses the Local Police remove the circuit is prohibited.



10.1. The route has 6.000 meters, signaling and beaconing in its entirety.


START: Plaza del Humilladero -

Paseo de la Bomba - Cuesta Molinos - Plaza Joe Strummer - Vistillas de los Ángeles - Cuesta del Caidero - Antequeruela Baja - Paseo de los Mártires - Cuesta de Gomérez - Plaza Nueva - Carrera del Darro - Aceituneros - Placeta de Sta. Inés Alta - Clavel de S. Pedro - Placeta del Carro - Placeta del Rosal - Placeta Almez - Cuesta de Granados - Atarazana Vieja - Camino Nuevo de S. Nicolás - Mirador de S. Nicolás - Cuesta de las Cabras - carril de S. Agustín - cuesta de S. Agustín - Placeta de Toqueros - Candil - Paseo del Padre Manjón - Cuesta del Rey Chico - Paseo de la Sabica – Senda Mirador Alixares – Barranco del Abogado – Cuesta de los Molinos -

FINISH: Plaza Humilladero.


10.2. The route consists of different technical parts of stairs, paved, dirt road and slopes to consider.



11.1. Athletes entered in the race undertake to comply with the basic principles of fair play in sport, respect and coexistence with other participants.



12.1. Registered runners are committed to protecting the environment; endeavoring to throw waste in places authorized for it and NEVER to the ground along the route.


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