12 - 14 JULIO 2019



17:00 - 20:00

(PRADOLLANO) Pick up the bibs number of ULTRA, TRAIL and MARATÓN.





12:00 - 14:00

(PRADOLLANO) Pick up the bibs number of ULTRA, TRAIL and MARATÓN..


17:00 - 21:00

(GRANADA) Pick up the bibs number of ULTRA, TRAIL and MARATÓN..



Opening Starting Box ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA. Paseo del Salón, Granada








Opening Starting Box TRAIL. Mean Square of Beas de Granada




Opening Starting Box MARATÓN. Mean Square of Ayuntamiento de Quéntar




First runner of ULTRA


First runner of TRAIL


First runner of  MARATÓN


Close finish line of Maratón


Close finish line of Trail


Close finish line of Ultra




Opening Starting Box MEDIA. Mean Square of Pinos Genil




First runner of  MEDIA


Close finish line of MEDIA

Bib collection




Thursday      Time: 17:00 - 20:00                        


Friday           Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Saturday      Time 17:00 - 20:00  (MEDIA)



 GRANADA  Paseo del Salón (Start Ultra)

Friday           Time: 17:00 - 21:00


If a runner can not pick up the dorsal by higher causes,another person can pick up on his behalf by submitting authorization, photocopy of ID and license (in case of being federated) of the holder of the bib number.





Closing Time

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Mandatory Equipment 


Every participant of ULTRA and TRAIL could deliver two bags drop-off to be collected at the aid station in Pinos Genil and the other bag drop-off to be collected at the Finish line in ski resort of Pradollano.

For MARATÓN , the runners could deliver one bag to be collect at the Finish Line.


The Bag drop-off, to be collected at Pino Genil by participants of ULTRA and TRAIL  will be returned to ski resort of Pradollano (Finish line) on Saturday  from 17:00 hours.


The bag drop-off must be identified with the labels provided by the organizer and must be delivered at the Start Line of each race. (ULTRA - TRAIL - MARATÓN - MEDIA).

The organization is not responsible for any items left inside the backpack.


All participants without exceptions must carry the following equipment to be able to perform the ULTRA, TRAIL, MARATÓN and MEDIA.

There will be inspections of mandatory clothing and equipment at any point throughout the course.  These inspections may be general or random.

Not carrying one or more of the mandatory items, refusing to cooperate in a control or being disrespectful to the controller entails the immediate invalidation of the race bib number. 


Due to the great climatic difference that exists between the different sections of the Ultra Sierra Nevada route, the route has been divided into 3 sections so that for each section there may be differences in terms of the mandatory equipment indicated. These materials may be delivered / collected only at the Pinos Genil and / or Pradollano aid stations.








* When no section is specified in the Mandatory Equipment list, it is considered to be for the entire route of the modality.


 Mandatory Equipment

* Upper part clothing: 2-3 layers of coat of the runner's size (after evaluating the weather conditions by the race direction):


1st Layer (internal): Thermal underwear (short or long sleeve) * (It is not mandatory to run with it)

2nd intermediate layer: Jacket / garment with long sleeves and windbreaker. * (shelter function for temperatures -0ºC)

3rd Layer (outer): Waterproof outer jacket with hood with 5.000mm - 10.000mm Schmerber * (depending on the weather conditions it will be mandatory in section 1, or section 3, or section 1 and 3)


Lower part clothing. 1-2 layers (after evaluating the weather conditions by the race direction):


1st Layer: 3/4 or long thermal mesh. * (It is not mandatory to run with it).

2nd Layer (outer): Waterproof trousers * (depending on the weather conditions it will be mandatory in section 1, section 3, or section 1 and 3)

Recommended Equipment


  • Sunglasses: with plastic lenses

  • Walking sticks. (Only you can pick up or drop in the CP6).

  • Poles: Strongly recommended in case of rain or snow.

  • Sunscreen cream or lotion: Total protection.

  • Electrolytes and/or mineral salts

  • Energy food: Energy bars, gels, fruits…

  • Mini first-aid kit: With supplies for the treatment of minor wounds or scratches.

  • Backpack: Appropriate to the volume of the material and pace of the participant.



Miguel Torres, Race Director of the Ultra Sierra Nevada, makes you a description of the track of the Ultra Sierra Nevada with some recommendations from their point of view to have more detailed information about what you are going to find in the Ultra Sierra Nevada.

Important to consider:

-      In order to understand and benefit from this advice it is recommended to have the track and profile with you as you read this course description.

-      We have signposted the entire course, so you will see signals or flags the whole time; very close together in difficult sections and more separated in easy parts. If you can’t see any mark for several minutes, you must go back to the last mark you saw.

-      The technical description, with some advice, has to be read with:

                                 1.      Description of the aid stations.

                                 2.      Medical service and race care by SOS CardioSport.

                                 3.      Schedule: closing times and bus service for withdrawn runners.

 Sector 1 



 12,1 km / +667m  / -428m / Altitude: 912m


Warm up section, first five kilometers are urban, same as our short race “Granada Urban Trail”, but with a significant ascent. This will introduce you to the Ultra.  You will enjoy the race through the Alhambra woods and Albayzín neighborhood. You will then start to climb 500m and for the rest of the race, continuous ups and downs.

By the 2nd km you will run through narrow streets, sometimes less than 2 m long. This should be considered to avoid delays and backups. Therefore, you have to place according your expectations since the start and first 2km.

At San Nicolás viewpoint, you will see an awesome landscape of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada mountains. This section is about 2,5 km longer than the last section of narrow trials.  This section is not too technical but please pay attention to avoid getting lost.

The difficulty is easier except the last 500m before the aid station, where you  will have the first technical descent of 100m. You will see a “CAUTION” sign here. Also in this section you will find another similar sign around km 8, to warn you of a dangerous stair of 1,5m high.

 Sector 2 


CP2 AYTO. BEAS DE GRANADA (Beas de Granada)

 12km /  + 640m /  -479m / Altitude: 1077m


This is a technical section. We have included a 3,3km loop called “Spectator loop”. In the past CP1, runners can be seen at least 4 times, forming a snake light. In this loop, around km. 15, you have a manual pass control at the highest point of the loop. Then, there will be a sign warning you of a short but slippery descent. At the bottom, there will be two medical assistants. We recommend you to pay special attention there.

There are two river crossings (river Darro); first one was also in the USN2014 edition, although in the opposite direction; at the second one you have to pay attention not to get your feet wet. There will be unstable terrain with lots of sticks and stones. From now on the course is the same as the previous edition. A steep and long climb with irregular terrain crossing a few gullies. The final 3,5 Km are on a downhill track to get to CP2.

 Sector 3 

CP2 AYTO. BEAS DE GRANADA (Beas de Granada)

CP3 SCOUT ILLIBERIS (Cortijo Aguas Blancas)

9,9 km / +545m  / 457m / Altitude: 1170M


TRAIL STARTS. To avoid delays and backups, the first two Kms are wider after the trial narrows.

Same as the previous edition. There are 3 challenges: 2 cross country parts and a firebreak.

  • First cross country: Hard but easy to follow

  • Firebreak: the steepest slope linking both cross country parts. Special attention to stony terrain which has been partially cleaned, we recommend you to go up on the borders. In the beginning you find an advert.

  • Second cross country: 800m through vegetation and stones. CAUTION! one of the most difficult and dangerous parts of the Ultra. Don’t run exceeding your capabilities.

The rest of the route is a good track until the third aid point. There are 2 more intermediate control points. Cell phone is out of range almost all the time.

 Sector 4 

CP3 SCOUT ILLIBERIS (Cortijo Aguas Blancas)


13,3 km / +522m /  -835m / Altitude: 860m


No technical difficulties, mixed terrain: It starts on tracks and road (open to traffic) and finishes going down for 4,5 Km on good tracks until Quéntar. The intermediate part is a trial, regular and comfortable ground. Pay attention crossing Paules river, there is no bridge and the rocks are wet and slippery.

 Sector 5 


CP5 AL BORDE DE LO INCONCEBIBLE (Casa Rural Fuente de la Teja)

10,1km  / +727m / -322m / Altitude: 1270m

MARATON STARTS: The first 1,5Km are only for this course. It starts towards the village entry, then it turns and goes back surrounding Aguas Blancas river and connecting with Ultra course.

Hard and continuous slope to “Los Jarales”. Here we have substituted the direct ascent through the firebreak by 1,5km of trials until you encounter a wonderful ridge. You will reach CP5 after 1,5 road Km.

 Sector 6 

CP5 AL BORDE DE LO INCONCEBIBLE (Casa Rural Fuente de la Teja)

CP6 SOY MONTAÑA (Güejar Sierra)

12,3km / +565m / -783m / Altitude: 1056m


Same as the previous edition. Here you reach “El Calar alto”, at almost 2.000m height although you go down again towards Güejar, where you can find the provisions which you left at start. Technical part, don’t relax, most is trial.

 Sector  7 

ULTRA: CP6 SOY MONTAÑA (Güejar Sierra)

CP7 C.M. CERRO DEL CABALLO (Monasterio San Jerónimo)

11,1km / +954 / -352m / Altitude: 1672m 



CP7 PANADERÍA SANTA ISABEL (A-395 Jardín Botánico)

11,7km  / +980  / -352m / Altitude: 1686m 

All participants on the race. Now you are getting closer to the real challenge.

The ascent to “El Castillejo de Güejar” is spectacular because of its beauty and difficulty. Depending on the time of the day, the heat may be determinant. You find an extra water point in the middle of the section, just on the national road cross. Here courses are divided because of Sierra Nevada National Park regulations:

Marathon and Trail through 5 national road Km. Paying attention to the traffic is essential. The aid station is in the botanical garden parking.

Ultra continues on a track, with a little bit of descent, until CP7.

 Sector 8 

ULTRA: CP7 C.M. CERRO DEL CABALLO (Monasterio San Jerónimo)

CP8 GRANADA INTEGRA (Cocheras Cetursa)

7,9km  / +554 / -101m / Altitude: 2129m


META (Pradollano) 

5,1km / +545 / -101m / Altitude: 2142m


Just in front of highland and Veleta Top,  you can see the end. Last ⅓ of the race consists in going up to reach Pradollano at 2.000m. The entire part is an ascent on a small trial difficult to see. Then, a short cross country linking trial and national road. After crossing the road you enter the Fuente Alta circuit which invites you to jog.


The Marathon and Trail runners can see the Veleta top before the Ultra runners. After you leave the aid station, you have to follow the road until meeting the Ultra runners again. Finally you go up following the Fuente Alta circuit and you will reach the finish line.

 Sector  9 

CP8 GRANADA INTEGRA (Cocheras Cetursa)


4,4km / +875m  / -10m / Altitude: 3031m


This is highland, be careful. This part has been modified following National Park recommendations. You should take care of your hydration very much because the altitude makes it harder. This edition challenges you for a vertical Km until CP9: 900m+ in 4,4 kms. Direct and hard ascent without breaks. In CP9 we have a permanent medical staff.

 Sector 10 


META (Pradollano)

7,4 km  / +21m  / -826m / Altitude: 2142m


The whole last part is a descent which was the ascent in the previous edition. This is a mix between tracks where you can run and more technical trials following bike downhill circuits. You have to pay especial attention because the fatigue will be extreme.

Every participant of ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA and TRAIL SIERRA NEVADA could deliver 2 bags drop-off to be collected at the aid station CP6 in Güejar Sierra and at the Finsih Line in Pradollano.

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