17:00 - 20:00

(PRADOLLANO) Pick up the bibs number of ULTRA, TRAIL and MARATÓN.





11:00 - 14:00

(PRADOLLANO) Pick up the bibs number of ULTRA, TRAIL and MARATÓN..


17:00 - 20:00

(GRANADA) Pick up the bibs number of ULTRA, TRAIL and MARATÓN..



Opening Starting Box ULTRA SIERRA NEVADA. Paseo del Salón, Granada








Opening Starting Box TRAIL. Mean Square of Beas de Granada




Opening Starting Box MARATÓN. Mean Square of Ayuntamiento de Quéntar




First runner of ULTRA


First runner of TRAIL


First runner of  MARATÓN


Close finish line of Maratón


Close finish line of Trail


Close finish line of Ultra




Opening Starting Box MEDIA. Mean Square of Pinos Genil




First runner of  MEDIA


Close finish line of MEDIA

Bib collection




Thursday      Time: 17:00 - 20:00                        


Friday           Time: 11:00 - 14:00

Saturday      Time 17:00 - 20:00  (MEDIA)



 GRANADA  Paseo del Salón (Start Ultra)

Friday           Time: 17:00 - 20:00


If a runner can not pick up the dorsal by higher causes,another person can pick up on his behalf by submitting authorization, photocopy of ID and license (in case of being federated) of the holder of the bib number.





Closing Time

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Mandatory Equipment 


Every participant of the ULTRA and TRAIL may deliver two bags, delivered by the organization when removing the bib number, with whatever material they consider they may need. One bag will be at the refreshment station established in the town of Pinos Genil and the other bag will go to the Pradollano refreshment station, before the climb, and then to META.

Both bags are delivered to the Cloakroom located at the Exit before entering the Exit Drawer.

Only bags delivered by the organization that are already identified with the bib number and place of destination will be accepted.

The bag transported by the organization to the CP, Pinos Genil, will be transported to the goal wardrobe once used in Pinos Genil.

The material must be, as we have commented, in the bag provided by the organization.

The MARATHON and MEDIA distances will also have this wardrobe service with a single bag that will go from the start to the finish line.

Due to the great climatological difference that exists between the different sections of the Ultra Sierra Nevada route and the impossibility of knowing for sure the time it will be during the test, the mandatory equipment indicated will be MANDATORY from start to finish.


Except for CRAMPONS and WATERPROOF TROUSERS (distance ULTRA) that can be left in the Life Bag to pick up in Pradollano.

It may seem excessive but in the mountains you never know what could happen and in the event of an accident this material is vital.


 Mandatory Equipment

1st Layer (internal): Thermal underwear (short or long sleeve) * (It is not mandatory to run with it)

2nd intermediate layer: Jacket / garment with long sleeves and windbreaker. * (shelter function for temperatures -0ºC)

3rd Layer (outer): Waterproof outer jacket with hood with 5.000mm - 10.000mm Schmerber


Lower part clothing. 1-2 layers (after evaluating the weather conditions by the race direction):


1st Layer: 3/4 or long thermal mesh. * (It is not mandatory to run with it).

2nd Layer (outer): Waterproof trousers 

Recommended Equipment


  • Sunglasses: with plastic lenses

  • Walking sticks. (Only you can pick up or drop in the CP6).

  • Poles: Strongly recommended in case of rain or snow.

  • Sunscreen cream or lotion: Total protection.

  • Electrolytes and/or mineral salts

  • Energy food: Energy bars, gels, fruits…

  • Mini first-aid kit: With supplies for the treatment of minor wounds or scratches.

  • Backpack: Appropriate to the volume of the material and pace of the participant.